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Go Native! All Abuzz for Native Plants

Going native does more than save water; it can help save the bees – and many other species, too. Native plants and wildlife need each other to thrive. Creating wildlife-friendly native habitat in urban and suburban spaces gives these essential creatures the support they need to cope with disappearing open space and changing climate.

Go Native! Water saving can be beautiful when you garden like nature intended

Spring is the time to fall in love with low-water California native plants. From golden poppies to vibrant redbuds, they bloom in a rainbow of brilliant hues, brightening nearby hillsides as well as suburban landscapes. And these easy-care plants put on this eye-catching show even during dry years.  More…

How to Have a Healthy Lawn with 30 Percent Less Water

One of the easiest ways to have a healthier yard is by replacing traditional sprinklers with high-efficiency rotator sprinklers.  More…

Flushing Out the Facts on Toilet Leaks

Did you know…? A leaking toilet is the most common type of leak found inside the home and can waste 200 gallons of water per day. That’s enough to wash seven loads of laundry every day for a month! More…

Gardening Webinars

The Regional Water Authority(RWA) in partnership with local water suppliers hosted regular educational webinars throughout 2021.  The webinars  are free and open to all local water supplier customers in the Sacramento region.  More…

Household Leaks are More than a Drop in the Bucket

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average American home loses more than 27 gallons of water a day to leaks, that’s like losing more than a tank of gas every day. Leaks don’t just waste water, they can also damage your home and garden. More…

Ask the Landscape Expert

Summer in the Sacramento region is peak watering season for your landscape. To help you make the most of every drop, we asked the experts at Green Acres Nursery & Supply to share their thoughts on some common irrigation questions. Check out the brief videos to learn the answers.

Get Growing This Fall!

Fall Planting Tips from “The Plant Lady” Marlene Simon. Fall is a great time to transform your yard into a beautiful low-water use landscape with plants that are perfect for our region. Read More…

How to Water Your Yard Without Wasting a Drop?

Cycle and Soak! It’s not a way to make your whites brighter, but it will make your plants happier. For those with traditional, non-weather based sprinkler timers, cycle and soak is a method for applying water to your yard in three- to four-minute increments spaced an hour apart. Programming your sprinkler timer this way will allow the water to be better absorbed by the soil and reduce run off. Read More…

How to Have a Smart Yard

Knowing how long your sprinklers should run can be challenging. If your sprinklers run for too long or too short a duration, your plants will suffer. Fortunately, there is an easy way to eliminate this headache: WaterSense-labeled weather-based sprinkler timers. Read more…

How to Have a Healthy Lawn with 30 Percent Less Water

You can have a healthy lawn with less water by upgrading to efficient rotator sprinklers. Traditional sprinklers spray small droplets that often mist and evaporate before they reach the ground. High-efficiency rotator sprinklers deliver water in multiple heavy droplet streams at a slower rate, allowing water to better sink into the soil and reducing loss due to evaporation and run off. These nozzles also distribute water more evenly, resulting in a more uniformly green lawn with fewer brown spots. Rotators are estimated to reduce water use by 30 percent or more over traditional spray sprinklers. Read more…

How to Water Your Mature Trees

We at Be Water Smart love our trees. They offer shade and protection for people and wildlife, cleaner air and cooler temperatures, and are a special gift from one generation to the next. And, during the hot summer months, trees need some special care. Read more…

Get Your Trees Ready for Summer!

Tips from the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Trees are a critical part of our landscape. They are beautiful to look at, provide shade when the days are hot, sustenance for our tables, homes for wildlife and help clean our air and water. Taken care of properly, trees can continue to provide benefits for generations to come.  Read more…

Lawn Options

Tired of Your Thirsty Turfgrass? Outdoor water use in the Sacramento region accounts for more than half of a household’s total water use, which can be 250 gallons per day in the summer. About 30 percent of outdoor water use is wasted from evaporation and overwatering. Watering in the early morning hours and installing WaterSense-labeled irrigation timers… Read more »

Let’s Get Fishy!

Our rivers, lakes and streams make this area unique and support 43 species of fish, including endangered steelhead trout and struggling Chinook salmon. You can take steps to care for these special creatures and our rivers by using water efficiently.

It’s Time to Get Growing

Be Water Smart partnered with a dozen nurseries in the Sacramento region to encourage people to Get Growing in the Fall. Check out some expert tips from our nursery partners, who offer a variety of beautiful, low-water plants and irrigation tools at their locations.

Rethink your Yard

For many people, the drought gave them an opportunity to rethink the way they view and use their landscape and to consider whether it’s time for a change. Check out the stories of those who decided to rethink their yards—and the benefits they found by moving from a thirsty landscape to a beautiful, low-water use lifestyle.

Water Myths Busted

Here’s your chance to test your water IQ and bust some myths about water use–at home and in the Sacramento region. In the process, you’ll learn about some great ways to save water.