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A Quick Tip and Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Ways to Reduce Water Use in the Garden

California is experiencing a fourth year of unprecedented drought conditions. Learn two easy ways to reduce your water use in the garden.
How to Convert Sprinklers to Drip

Want to lower water use in your garden? Convert sprinklers to efficient drip irrigation. Learn how to get started in this brief video featuring irrigation specialist Lori Palmquist.

Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance

Cycle-Soak Method of Watering Lawns – Texas A&M
Dr. Richard White, a Texas A&M University turfgrass specialist, discusses how homeowners can save water and money by using a cycle and soak method of irrigating their lawn.
How to Adjust a Sprinkler Spray Nozzle – Orbit Irrigation Products
Step-by-step tutorial on how to adjust a sprinkler nozzle.

Drip Irrigation System Repair and Maintenance

Beautiful Landscapes through Smart Watering: Converting Sprinklers to Drip Irrigation – Cascade Water Alliance (Washington)
Cascade produced this video to help homeowners understand how to convert a sprayhead on an in-ground sprinkler to drip irrigation. Switching to drip irrigation in plant beds can be an effective way to conserve water and keep plants healthy.
How to Measure Water Pressure and Flow –

Measuring water pressure and flow for a drip irrigation system.

Smart Watering Schedules and Sprinkler Timers

Irrigation Controller – City of Roseville
How to schedule a weather-based irrigation controller.
Smart Irrigation Clocks – Las Vegas Water District
Optimize your irrigation system and ensure compliance with watering restrictions by getting to know your irrigation clock.